2017: New ‘Grizzly Adams’ Film and Television IPs

HOLLYWOOD, 2017 Grizzly Adams® has new television and motion picture IPs modeled after the exploits of famous California mountain man, John ‘Grizzly’ Adams.

The Grizzly Adams brand was initially popularized by NBC's 1977-82 TV Series, ‘The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.’

The revamped Grizzly Adams television and film story versions were developed by the brand's owner, Tod Swindell [The Legend of the Phantom Rider, Ghost Rock] and his partner, Michael Greenburg [Stargate SG-1, Legend, MacGyver.]

Surprisingly, most people don't recognize that Grizzly Adams was a famous historical person. [For more see 'The Real Story' page.]

Grizzly Adams was originally a shoe and boot cobbler from Boston who ended up migrating to the Sierra Nevada Mountains after participating in the great California Gold Rush of 1849. After living in the mountains for a few years he went on to become a celebrated showman in San Francisco, and eventually for P.T. Barnum in New York as well.

John ‘Grizzly' Adams  exchanged civilian life for solitude in the mountains near Yosemite. He was not a fugitive from justice as the 1970s TV series depicted him to be, rather, he opted for a peaceful life in order to escape the crush of a greed-driven society striving for wealth and power as a result of 'gold fever.' As Thoreau wrote about his own move to the woods "to live deliberately," so too did Adams have a similar calling. Today, western historians refer to Grizzly Adams as 'California's greatest mountain man ever.'

The new Grizzly Adams motion picture and television IPs will be primed for today's viewing audience to better identify it with this fascinating, all be him, long misunderstood and mostly forgotten person of western lore.

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 'Grizzly Adams' by artist, Alex Carigi.     © 2014 Grizzly Adams® LLC

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