A New ‘Grizzly Adams’ TV Series Is Currently in Development

HOLLYWOOD – The Grizzly Adams® Brand Franchise, Big Pix Inc., and brand licensing agency C3 Entertainment, Inc. are developing a new television series inspired by the life and exploits of the real, John ‘Grizzly’ Adams.

Grizzly Adams became popular worldwide by way of NBC's late-1970s hit TV Series, ‘The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams’. The show starred Dan Haggerty and is well recalled, although people are largely unaware that John 'Grizzly Adams' was actually a famous historical character.

The real 'Grizzly Adams' hailed from Boston before migrating to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the 1850s during the great California Gold Rush. The new Grizzly Adams TV Series will exploit the struggles and triumphs of this once famous person, who western historians called 'California's greatest mountain man ever.'

Grizzly Adams® Film & Television Franchise stewards, Tod and Julie Swindell explained how the real history of ‘Grizzly Adams' reveals a person who exchanged civilian life for solitude in the mountains near Yosemite. Once there, Adams found himself surrounded by the beauty of its natural wilderness and wild animals, as well as Native American Indian tribes he befriended and supplied meats and furs to. He became a sought after leader of major expeditions, and a survivalist who captured and tamed more Grizzly Bears (and other wild animals) in his travels than anyone. After a few years in the mountains, Adams relocated to the boom-town city of San Francisco where he put on amazing animal shows that brought him widespread fame, and he later returned to the East Coast where he became a premier showman for PT Barnum.

According to the real story, Adams was not a fugitive. Rather, he opted for a peaceful life in order to escape the crush of a new greed-driven society striving for wealth and power, a result of gold fever.

After his amazing mountain adventures, Adams' tamed bears and showman lifestyle won the hearts of many.

Of note as well, few today realize the image of one of Adams' bears--painted by artist, Charles Nahl--has long adorned California's State Flag.

The new Grizzly Adams TV series will better examine the real Grizzly Adams story, said Tod Swindell, who included collaborator, Michael Greenburg (Executive Producer of Stargate SG-I and MacGyver) has also joined forces to help shape and promote the new series theme and arc. Grizzly Adams LLC, Tedesco Management of Santa Monica, and C3 Entertainment of Glendale are currently introducing this new series opportunity to networks and studios.


Above: One of several test profiles for the new 'Grizzly Adams.'

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