The All New ‘Grizzly Adams’ Television Series

The Grizzly Adams® Brand Franchise, C3 Entertainment, Inc. and Big Pix, Inc. announced they are in development of new television series based on the life and exploits of John 'Grizzly' Adams. The companies are set to co-produce. C3 also represents the Grizzly Adams Brand for licensing and merchandising.

'Grizzly Adams' became hugely popular after the famous 1970s television series, 'The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams' broke ratings records for NBC. Still, few realize there was a real 'Grizzly Adams' who lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains after experiencing the great California Gold Rush. The new Grizzly Adams television series will better expand on the life of this person, who historians still call "the greatest California mountain man ever."

Grizzly Adams® Franchise owners, Tod Swindell and Julie Magnuson Swindell stated, "The real John 'Grizzly' Adams ended up as a kind of reluctant hero. After participating in the gold rush he abandoned the greed driven society of San Francisco to live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a few years. There he was surrounded by beautiful wilderness, wild animals, and Native American Indians. He also captured and tamed more wild animals, to include ferocious Grizzly Bears than anyone ever had. After he moved back to San Francisco he put on amazing wild animal shows that brought him widespread fame. He eventually returned to the east coast where he originally hailed from, and ended up as a premier showman for P.T. Barnum."

Also announced was the addition of Michael Greenburg as lead Executive Producer for the new series. Greenburg is an accomplished producer and writer responsible for hundreds of hours of popular television programming. Through his companies, Big Pix, Inc. and Gekko he served as Executive Producer and writer for the long running hit television series MaGyver, as well as many others, such as Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis and Legend.

The new Grizzly Adams television series is primarily set in the wild young city of San Francisco during the Gold Rush era, when the real 'Grizzly Adams' lived there as a famous showman likened to an inner city 'Buffalo Bill Cody.' The Swindells concluded, "The new series will be both gritty and light with plenty of ironic twists, and will feature a similar production value and tone to Mike Greenburg’s past successes."


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