New ‘Grizzly Adams’ Film and Television Projects in Development

HOLLYWOOD, FALL 2014 – The Grizzly Adams® Brand Franchise is currently developing new film and television projects inspired by the life and exploits of the real, John ‘Grizzly’ Adams.

Grizzly Adams became popular worldwide by way of NBC's 1970s hit TV Series, ‘The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.’

Oddly enough, most people did not know then, and they still remain unaware today that 'Grizzly Adams' was actually a famous historical person.

The real 'Grizzly Adams' was a shoe and boot cobbler from Boston who ended up migrating to the Sierra Nevada Mountains after participating in the great California Gold Rush of 1849. The new Grizzly Adams film and television versions will exploit the struggles and triumphs of the once famous frontiersman, who western historians still refer  to as 'California's greatest mountain man ever.'

Grizzly Adams® Film and Television franchise ownership cites how the real story of ‘Grizzly Adams' reveals a person who exchanged civilian life for solitude in the mountains near Yosemite, as Henry David Thoreau wrote about moving to the woods, "to live deliberately." After a few years Adams returned to city life in San Francisco where he soon became a famous showman.

The real Adams was not a fugitive from justice who fled to the mountains, as the 1970s TV series conveyed. Rather, he opted for a peaceful life in order to escape the crush of a new greed-driven society striving for wealth and power as a result of 'gold rush fever.'

In the forested mountains, Adams found himself surrounded by the beauty of natural wilderness and wild animals, as well as friendly Native American Indian tribes he befriended and supplied meats and furs to. He became a sought after leader of major scouting and tracking expeditions, and was a survivalist who collected and tamed more Grizzly Bears and other wild animals than anyone.

As a San Francisco showman he drew so much attention his top billings made him a sought after celebrity there, until he eventually returned to the East Coast where he became a premier showman for the legendary, P.T. Barnum.

As part of his amazing hidden legacy, few today realize the image of Adams' bear, 'Samson' painted by artist, Charles Nahl  in 1855, has long adorned California's State Flag. (Wikipedia incorrectly identified the bear as William Randolph Hearst's bear, 'Monarch.')

"The new Grizzly Adams motion picture and television series versions will be adjusted for today's viewing audience as it takes in this fascinating, albeit nearly forgotten piece of western history," added the brand's co-owner and managing partner, Tod Swindell.

The iconic Grizzly Adams® trademarked brand is currently being offered to Hollywood studios and networks demonstrating an interest in a co-owning partnership, or an outright acquisition of the entire franchise.


Above: New profile of 'Grizzly Adams' by artist, Alex Carigi.     © 2014 Grizzly Adams® LLC

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